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Star Citizen goes all Tom Clancy with its first-person shooter demonstration

by: Randy -
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Chris Roberts's magnum opus, Star Citizen, won't stop growing. This video, labeled "PAX FPS Demo," shows off the first-person shooter aspect of Star Citizen. That's right. Star Citizen ain't just a spaceship sim anymore. 

The first half shows a small team making its way through a ruined space base, looking for contacts. The second half goes into zero-G combat, with the players and tangos soaring across a ship hangar like a clunky Ender's Game outtake.

The team leader sounds like he's former U.S. military or at least SWAT, calling out commands like he's got America's Army on his side. Role-playing is adorable.

Star Citizen is still for the PC, and still a couple years away from retail.

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