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Activision partners with Klout to market CoD:Advanced Warfare

by: Ben Berry -
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As GN's premier swag hound, it shouldn't be too surprising that I'm a member of the better sampling and "freebie" sites on the web. I've been a Klout member since the social media metric company debuted. So after a few weeks of vacation from all things web, I signed into my email, and found that I had a "perk" (aka social media marketing opportunity with freebies and/or contests as bait) related to Advanced Warfare. Activision is providing Call of Duty:Advanced Warfare coffee mugs as a perk to bring people into a contest that gives Klout members the opportunity to win their way into the prizes from game related gear to a grand prize of a trip to San Francisco. Klout members just have to tweet the link to the AW trailer and are entered each time for doing so.

For fans of the game who are actively involved in social media, it's quite an opportunity. Just tweeting to win, basically. As a game journalist, I am not participating in the "tweet to win" part, but I definitely took them up on the coffee mug while I got just for signing up to find out what they were doing. So if the AW trailer seems to be more heavily present in your tweet stream than other new titles coming out, this could be part of it.