Final amiibo designs look different than the prototype [#whyisthisnews]

by: Jeremy -
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Personally I find it a little ridiculous that some gaming sites and blogs are complaining about the alterations made to the finalized Nintendo amiibo figures that are being released. The figures, which will be hitting stores next month, do look slightly different than the examples shown at industry trade shows earlier this year. Some of the plaint schemes and colors have been slightly altered and a few of the details have been lost as they have moved to final production.

Let's be honest: this is just business 101. How can you compare an individual item that was prepared to be a proof of concept to something that is mass produced by the hundreds of thousands to millions. Of course it is going to change, these figures aren’t going to be as intricately put together as those that have been crafted individually. The final products are put together via machines and via mass production, not single-handedly painted and modeled by dedicated artists and their trained hands. If they were, we would be seeing a much higher price point on them than ~$15.

I don’t think that the final versions that have been shown don't look that bad at all. Yes, I will agree they look a little bit less quality than the examples shown before, but that is just how things go in the real world.