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Dying Light and Paddy Power offered odds on Luis Suarez biting someone during El Classico

by: Nathaniel -
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Barcelona and Real Madrid, the heavyweights of Spanish football, played each other on Saturday.  Madrid left the pitch with 3-1 victory, and more importantly, all 18 players on the gameday roster went unbitten by Barcelona débutante and serial biter, Luiz Suarez.

Dying Light and online betting site, Paddy Power, gave a series of very silly odds that Suarez would bite again during the match.  You can find the full breakdown of odds after the jump.   

Highlights include 25/1 odds that he'd bite someone in the second half, 33/1 odds that said bite would occur on an opposing arm or shoulder, 25/1 that he'd bite a teammate, and 500/1 that he would start a zombie outbreak (that's the Dying Light connection).

At 50/1 odds, the player Suarez was most likely to bite was Real Madrid center back Pepe.  Instead his headed goal gave Real the lead for good.

Dying Light is out on January 27th in the Americas, January 28th in Australia and New Zealand, and January 30th in Europe and Asia.

Zombie action survival game Dying Light and bookmakers Paddy Power set the odds of Luis Suarez biting another player during Barcelona vs Real Madrid

24 October 2014 – Warsaw, Poland/… Developers of the zombie action survival video game Dying Light and Paddy Power have set the odds* on Luis Suarez biting yet another player on his professional debut for Barcelona against Real Madrid this Saturday, 25 October.

Suarez was banned for nine international matches by the FIFA Disciplinary Committee after he bit Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini during Uruguay vs Italy in the 2014 FIFA World Cup on 24 June.

Real Madrid’s centre back Pepe (Képler Laveran Lima Ferreira) is the player most likely to be the victim of Suarez’s hunger for human flesh (50/1), with arms or shoulders the most likely body part to be first snacked on (33/1). Dying Light and Paddy Power have also provided odds for Suarez biting a member of his own team (25/1), the referee (40/1) or even sparking a full blown zombie epidemic (500/1).

The full Dying Light odds for the Barcelona vs Real Madrid match provided by Paddy Power are below:

When will Suarez bite a player?
100/1 0.01 to 23.00 minutes
33/1 23.01 to end of first half
25/1 Start of second half to 68.00 minutes
25/1 68.01 minutes to final whistle

Where will Suarez bite a player?
33/1 Arm
33/1 Shoulder
40/1 Leg
40/1 Hand
50/1 Back
100/1 Foot

40/1 To bite the referee during play
25/1 To bite a team mate during play

Zombie Special
500/1 To start a zombie viral biting outbreak

Which player will Suarez bite?
50/1 Pepe
66/1 S Ramos
66/1 R Varane
80/1 C Ronaldo
80/1 G Bale
80/1 T Kroos
80/1 Marcelo
80/1 S Khedira
80/1 F Nacho
80/1 K Benzema
80/1 J Hernandez
80/1 J Rodriguez
80/1 Isco
80/1 L Modric
80/1 A Illarramendi
100/1 Lionel Messi
100/1 S Busquets
100/1 D Alves

* Applies to El Classico and to match time only; all in, run or not; others on request.

Dying Light will be released in 2015 on January 27th in the Americas, January 28th in Australia and New Zealand, and January 30th in Europe and Asia.


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