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X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter and other Lucasarts classics coming to GoG tomorrow

by: Chuck -
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When Good old Games (GoG) was being pitched to journalists the first question I asked was "When are you bringing Tie Fighter and the rest of the Lucasarts games to the service". I got a thoughtful response along the lines of "whenever we can get the rights".  

Well it looks like GoG finally secured the rights as a forum poster has noticed that Tie Fighter along with X-Wing Vs. Tie Fighter, Knights of the Old Republic, Sam and Max Hit the Road, and the Secret of Monkey Island will all be hitting the service tomorrow.  

It looks like we are getting special editions of most of the games and each one will cost about $10 each.  This is a steal as each of these games are foundational pieces of game history. I still remember speeding back to my college dorm to install Tie Fighter just so I could wipe rebel scum from the universe.