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I am the one who Nox! New god coming in the next SMITE patch

by: Nathan -
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It's a patch week for SMITE and this week brings the debut of Nox, the Goddess of the Night to the game. Nox is a mage and is interesting in that she seems to be an anti-mage character or a reverse Aphrodite.

Nox's passive and her ultimate ability involve dealing damage as her enemy use their abilities. She seems to be especially dangerous around stance switching characters or characters that have toggle abilities. If she is linked to a character like Hel, and Hel keeps stance switching, she will eventually kill herself.

Here is a rundown of her abilities.

  • Flame of the Night - Passive
    Nox’s candles gather energy from all abilities used near her. For every ability cast near Nox (excluding her own) a new candle is lit. Once all 4 are lit, Nox's next casted ability costs no mana.
  • Shadow Barrier
    Nox creates a barrier of night around herself for 1s that mitigates damage from the next hostile ability that hits her. Basic attacks are also mitigated for the entire duration that the shield is up. Nox cleanses roots and slows while this ability is active. 
  • Nightfall Raven
    Nox launches a raven that spreads night along its path. Every enemy it touches takes damage +50% of your Magical Power, is silenced for 1s, and is Shrouded in Darkness. The Shroud of Darkness lasts for 5s. 
  • Siphon Darkness
    Nox targets the ground and attempts to consume all darkness in that area. Enemies who are standing in the target area take damage +40% of your Magical Power. If a target is Shrouded In Darkness then it takes double the amount of damage. 
  • Night Terror
    Nox links her shadow with an enemy player. While linked with Nox, enemies take damage again every time they use an ability. Nox’s ability cooldowns are also reduced by 5s every time an enemy uses an ability while linked. The link is broken by moving out of range, or after 5s. 

Also introduced in this patch is the next Odyssey item. The Odyssey makes it's way through the Hindu Pantheon and we are introduced to "Orbital Strike" Rama. Check out his loading card below. Also introduced as part of the Odyssey is "Infernal" Agni which is a reward that players will receive for owning 12 Odyssey items. Finally, a "Water Dancer" Nu Wa skin will be added to the game. This skin will be used as a promotional item for Youtube.

Finally, a new incentive is being introduced for players to simply log in every day. Hi-Rez is introducing new "daily login bonuses" to the game which include free favor and gems. All you have to do to earn rewards is simple log in once a day. The rewards progress over the week so the more you log in, the more you will earn. One thing of note is that the rewards will reset if you do not log in. 

For the full list of patch notes, including all of the buffs, nerfs and general updates. Be sure to check out SMITE's official Reddit page.

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