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Let's talk about that Far Cry 4 Season Pass for a moment

by: Sean Cahill -
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Yesterday, Michael posted up information released by Ubisoft regarding Far Cry 4, and the information continues to show a rather disturbing trend as we see more companies using Early Access and Season Passes to give players more content than those who just pay the regular amount of a game.

It took some deciphering, and most didn't catch on right away, but it would appear that if you don't pony up the $29.99 for Season Pass, then you'll miss out on PvP in the title.

Gamers aren't happy about this, as they shouldn't be.  It also hasn't been a great run for Ubisoft in the last few weeks, who managed to alienate PC gamers by saying that they'll no longer push for higher resolutions or framerates because they want to make a cinematic experience, though there has been some word that both Microsoft and Sony have been pushing developers to do so because consoles simply do not have the raw power that a PC can produce.

Getting back to the topic at hand, though:  What caused this?

DLC has always been a hotly contested topic and just how far is too far when it comes to what is offered.  Gamers on multiple sites are not happy with this news.  Here are just a few examples:

Taken directly from Ubiblog:

milking the cow ? as you created enough hype now you find different ways for asking for more money and [EXPLETIVE] this franchise up like the rest. i will cancel my preorder. thx bye

Horrible Idea, at least if this is what I think it is. Ubisoft, are you really expecting us to pay $30 to play multiplayer on top of the game price? Im sorry, but this might be the craziest thing I've ever heard before. Not to mention the terrible precedent you are setting for the gaming industry. I hope I am just confused about what I've just read, and you all haven't become this greedy.

From Gamespot:

Well, I think my pre-order deposit is going toward another game. about £20 to play online even after paying full price?!

This type of crap makes me not want to buy the game at all.

So to enjoy far cry 4 completely I need to spend roughly $100 bucks...

This time of year is booked for new releases, sorry.  Spring looks good, when the game drops to $30.

A little bit dodgy putting a standard MP mode in the season pass. Also at $30 is alot to ask , when we don't really know the extent of the content. How extensive is each content piece? I don't mind season passes, but it seems like the primary purpose is to sqeeze the maximum amount of dollars out of customers more than to provide them good value.

The list goes on from there, and it doesn't take long to search for the anger.  The bottom line is this, though:  It isn't going away unless enough people get angry about it.  We may very well be on the way to that happening, though.  Gamers have a big enough problem forking over $60 for a game that might be rife with DLC and feel as though they aren't getting the completed product, and that's reason enough to be angry.