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Jack Bauer is back

by: Chuck -
More On: EIC Ramblings
I'm a huge fan of 24 so I've been axiously awaiting the premiere of the show since the last season ended.  After the first two hours I have to say I'm fairly impressed as the show has done a great job of laying out a decent framework for the rest of the season.  It also includes one of Jack's best kills ever which I won't ruin because it's simply too awesome for words.  If you want to check out a complete history of Jack's victims be sure to check out this website

Sure the show still strains credibility but it is one of the best guilty pleasures on TV right now.  The only problem I have is that there are just too many recognizable actors playing the smaller roles in the show.  I mean Kumar has a featured role this season along with the kid from Sky High and a bunch of other actors from movies and television shows.   
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