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Get your first look at the new Female Heister, and the trailer for Old Hoxton Breakout for Payday 2

by: Nathan -
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Hope you weren't planning on sleeping tonight, because on Payday 2's Crimefest stream celebrating 3 years of Payday, we got our first glimpse of the Female Heister making her way to the game soon. She, along with the trailer are absolutely terrifying. The only thing we do know for sure about her is that she is Scottish.

The team at Overkill also released the official trailer for the Old Hoxton Breakout. If there is one thing that I have loved about this game is that the game's story has been progressed over the last two years or so through live action trailers. It's almost like they are making a movie based on the videogame as they update it. 

Finally, here is a list of the Crimefest rewards through October 27th. Each day the team at Overkill will reveal what the community will be getting.

  • Oct 20th - Something Old, Something New
  • Oct 21st - Planning the Great Escape
  • Oct 22nd - An Unexpected Guest 
  • Oct 23rd - Coulrophobia 
  • Oct 24th - State of the Art 
  • Oct 25th - Introducing the King of the Jungle 
  • Oct 26th - A Birthday Miracle and a Gift From a New Friend 
  • Oct 27th - Time to Help an Old Friend