Before you slay that next orc, say cheese! [Shadow of Mordor]

by: Jeremy -
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That is, as long as you are playing on the PS4!

Warner Bros. released a patch yesterday for their latest game, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, that added in the much-loved photo mode that has become popular this generation. The new feature allows player to stop that action at any time and manipulate the camera and some visual settings to create amazing snapshots of the action. Once you have your shot all framed up and tweaked to your liking, you can then use your hardware’s screenshot functionality to capture the memory forever. Well, that is as long as your system has such a function.

This isn’t a problem on the PS4 as taking screenshots is a basic function of the system. On the Xbox One however, no such feature exists. While you can record small snippets of gameplay footage on Microsoft’s system, there is no way to take a single screenshot without having additional capture hardware like the Elgato or the Hauppauge Gaming DVR. This pretty much renders the new feature useless on the Xbox One version of the game. Sorry Xbox fans!