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Far Cry 4 co-op gameplay released

by: Chapel -
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...and it's one of the worst promotional videos I have ever seen.

Don't worry, the game itself looks fine. Better than fine, in fact. Graphics look great, gameplay looks tight, sound design is good. But holy crap, the two guys playing the demo are so terrible at the game that I feel like we didn't really get to see anything.

Most of the video comprises of the POV player just being generally bad. Within the first few minutes, he falls through a roof directly into a fire and almost burns to death, before anyone even starts shooting! The video is just 16 minutes of these two guys blundering through a game that everyone is excited about.

Regardless, we are able to glean some real information from the video. Though we learn very little about the cooperative play in general, it does confirm that it has free roam co-op, and I think that's what everyone was most concerned about. Other than that, there's very little in the way of co-op, but there are a two general things about the game that stuck out to me.

1) It looks very similar to Far Cry 3. The overworld map has the same style icons, it has the same XP system, it even has the exact same weapons. Personally, I'm fine with it being like Far Cry 3, because Far Cry 3 was great, but I'm sure there are people that will be upset by how close the two are bound to be.

2) We got a really good look at the game world in this video. By the looks of the grappling hooks and flying vehicles, the gameplay will have some really cool ways to exploit the verticality and hostility of the mountain terrain. The fortress the two guys attack in the beginning has a really authentic Chinese feel to it, and it seems to have a very cool and distinct look overall.

Check out the video for yourselves, but be warned that the players are just awful.