Oh My Darlin' Clementine

by: Rob -
More On: The Walking Dead

I get that that Walking Dead is hugely popular. It's a fantastic comic and I was overjoyed to finally get to watch the Season 5 premiere earlier this evening. I get that the Walking Dead games by Telltale Games are immensely popular as well, but I just can't get into them. A big reason for that for me: Clementine. I just don't quite get her popularity. Well, the character is now being given her own figure by McFarlane Toys and was noted by Robert Kirkman's Skybound Entertainment as "probably the figure they most often get asked to make."

As a fan of the show and comic I have tried to get into the game, I really have, but I never made it past the Drugstore in Season 1 Episode 1 because I just couldn't get past how Clementine really failed to meet my expectations of how I would expect an 11 year old to react to this terrifying world around her.  I was dumbstruck by a feeling that this was merely an adult trying awkwardly to write lines for an 11 year old and it prevented me from maintaining the suspension of disbelief I so enjoy when gaming.

Maybe I gave up too early because it would appear I am squarely in the minority on this one. In addition to the much-anticipated figure, the voice actress for Clementine (Melissa Hutchinson) was nominated for a BAFTA award for 'Performer in a Game' and won a Spike Video Game Award for 'Best Female Performance'

I'm not trying to disparage anyone from enjoying the character or the game and I am a huge fan of McFarlane's work since I first saw it in The Amazing Spider-Man #298. Maybe I really ought to give the game another go...