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Star Citizen planetside demo is starting to shape up

by: Randy -
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Let's be honest, it's not hard to make outer space look good. Take a starry backdrop, a shapely gas cloud, and the curvature of a planet and you've got some cheap and easy galaxy porn.

But then you have Star Citizen depicting that starry backdrop, and a crispy-looking spaceship, and that ship's interior, and the curvature of a planet, and entering the atmosphere, and coursing through a cityscape with a Coruscant-level of detail, and hopping off your ship onto a landing pad, and going through customs with an appropriately bored-sounding customs officer, and exiting to a ground-level urban area...

Now the overreaching ambition of Star Citizen starts to become apparent. Moreso than the purely cinematic ship commercials they've put out. Chris Roberts stumblingly narrates some of this planetside demonstration that was shown off at CitizenCon 2014. The character has a dopey outfit and dopey animations, but everything else is shaping up. I don't want to be impressed, but I kind of am.

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