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Cry 'Havoc!' and Let Slip the Bros of War

by: Rob -
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Developer Digital and Free Lives Games are adding Steam Workshop support to Broforce in the October Tactical Update. Now you can create your own levels and share them directly on Steam. In addition, new campaign missions set in Eastern Europe are opening up and two new characters are joining the team: Bro Max and the The Brode. Bro Max is a Mad Max character with a boomerang special ability and The Brode is the Bride from Kill Bill that uses the Exploding Bro Technique.  

Broforce is an over the top side-scrolling action game that parodies 80's and 90's action heroes to create mayem across destructible environments. It's a lot of fun but is probably a game you need to experience to really understand, and a great way to do that is to pick up the Expendabros free on Steam, which is a mashup of Broforce and the characters from Stallone's Expendables films. Broforce is available via Steam Early Access.