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Buy the WWE 2K15 season pass and get Paige as an exclusive DLC character

by: Nathan -
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Looks like WWE 2K15 is getting a seasons pass this year and while 2K hasn't made an official announcement yet, it looks like Gamestop.com let the cat out of the bag early as you can pre-order the season pass on their website right now.

The season pass will cost $25, will save you 20%, and get you three more rivalries to play in 2K's Showcase Mode. If you buy the season pass, you will also receive WWE Diva, Paige as a bonus. 

Here is the description of the Season Pass on the website. 

The 2K Showcase Season Pass brings you more action and excitement from WWE 2K15's all-new 2K Showcase Mode. Save over 20% on three 2K Showcase Add-On Packs and receive the Exclusive Character Paige! 2K Showcase lets you relive groundbreaking rivalries and matches in this all-new single player campaign told through your gameplay and historic WWE footage!

The two rivalries in Showcase Mode included with the game are CM Punk vs. John Cena and Triple H vs. HBK so I wonder what rivalries we could get via DLC. Rock vs. Austin? John Cena vs. The Rock? Kane vs. The Undertaker? There are tons of possibilities so it will be exciting to see what rivalries make the cut.