Diablo 3: RoS- UEE finally gets the 2.1 patch

by: Jeremy -
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Woohoo! See, Blizzard really mean it when they said that they intend on keeping the console versions of Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls- Ultimate Evil Edition up to date with its PC brethren!

Today the console versions of the game are seeing a major update to version 2.1.0, which hit the PC last week. There are a variety of additions to the game, including the following:

  • “What’s New” screen added to start screen outline new features from recent patches
  • The Vault: a special realm that can be spawned upon the death of a Treasure Goblin. Accessing this realm gives players a shot at some bug treasures and a new boss, the Baroness Greed.
  • The Cesspools: A new randomized environment has been added to the Nephalem and Greater Rifts.
  • Greater Rifts: These special timed-Nephalem Rifts challenge players to complete the run in a certain amount of time. Completing one enables you to immediately head into a subsequent, more difficult Greater Rift.
  • Ramaladni’s Gift: Finally making it’s way to console, this special item will allow players to add a socket to any weapon that doesn’t already have one
  • Legendary Gems: Finally! These are a new type of gem that drop in the various Rifts as well as the Vault and offer players powerful abilities when socketed into rings or amulets. Plus, you can level them up over time by completing Greater Rifts.

I absolutely love this game and really need to get back into it on the PS4. Destiny has sort of pulled me away over the past couple of weeks, but something tells me that is about to change!