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Grand Theft Auto V Online gets new update, still no #%&*#@% heists

by: Chapel -
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Rockstar released the next free update for Grand Theft Auto Online today, called Last Team Standing.

Still no word on when heists, which we were all lead to believe would be at launch, are coming. I swear to God if they aren't released before the next (or current? Terminology is so fuzzy) versions come out, I'm going to form a hernia.

Anyway, Last Team standing includes the same sort of content we have come to expect from these updates: new weapons and equipment, vehicles, and jobs.  I'm not complaining however; I absolutely love the continued free content Rockstar has been giving us. It's little, but it costs even littler! Or something. It's so free that it almost makes up for NO HEISTS, STILL. The main addition though is new mode Last Team Standing, which is essentially Team Deathmatch with no respawns.

Here is the official release with all the little details about the update.