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Far Cry 4 weapons trailer shows us returning standards with some nice new additions

by: Chapel -
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Ubisoft released a new trailer today for Far Cry 4, highlighting the weapons featured in the game, and, of course, giving us a few more tasty looks at the game.

The trailer shows some of the work horse weapons we could have expected, highlighting the Vector .45 SMG and MG42 LMG, and P416 assault rifles. It also shows some clips of some other returning weapons, like the AK, rocket launchers, and machine pistols.

Of course, there are some fancy shmancy new weapons too. The Kukri, a traditional curved knife, seems to replace the machete. It also shows off what we can assume are new melee takedowns, such as entering the passenger seat of a car and stabbing the driver to take control. Mortars are introduced and seem to provide a long ranged explosive option, but whether or not they will be portable weapons or emplacements isn't really shown.

The standouts for me were the auto-crossbow and the bait. The auto-crossbow is what it sounds like, a crossbow that doesn't need to be reloaded every time. I imagine this will indicate a certain style of stealth gameplay, much faster and less close range than Far Cry 3. I do hope they retain all the different melee takedowns we found in Far Cry 3 though, the stealth aspects of that game were some of the best executed I have seen in a long time. The bait allows players to lure hostile wildlife towards their enemies, which will probably function like a more flexible version of shooting the locks off of the caged animals in Far Cry 3.

Far Cry 3 is my favorite game of the past two years, so to say I am excited for Far Cry 4 is an understatement. Everything I've seen so far, including this trailer, just reinforces that excitement.