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Star Citizen sets world record for most successful crowd-funding campaign of all time

by: Chapel -
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If you don't like space puns, you better jettison the escape pod now.

The crowd funding for Star Citizen, an upcoming space flight and trading simulator developed by Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts, has hit $55 million. This makes the game not only the most successful crowd funded campaign for a game of all time, but also the most successful crowd funded campaign for anything.

The game has rocketed up from an already astronomical $51 million in August. In his post on the website, Chris Roberts talks about how the amount of money raised is out of this world (okay I'll stop, sorry), and how excited he is to have these kinds of resources available. He explains that he plans to spend all of the money earned on the development of the game, and that the more money they get, the more expansive and polished the game will become.

This is great news, because there is already a galactic (sorry, sorry) amount of detail planned for the game. Between the persistent world, single player/co-op campaign, even some ground combat planned, there are plenty of features to throw money at.

I'm really excited to see a space sim be so highly anticipated, and even more excited by how much quality work looks like it's been put into this game. I hope that the amount of interest generated by Star Citizen will lead to a resurgence in the genre. Maybe we will get one every year, dump hours and hours into it until we're sick of it, then buy it again next year, and the next year, and the next, shedding a single tear of shame each time, looking to Star Citizen through clouded eyes, and whispering "how did it ever come to this?"

Can't wait!

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