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World of Tanks Update 9.3 is live today

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World of Tanks Update 9.3 adds more tanks (because of course it does), tweaks the rules to make life harder on the trolls, and the first Strongholds gameplay adjustment.

The tanks are of the light variety and include the T37, M41, Walker Bulldog, and T49.  It also includes the Spahpanzer Ru 251, the Soviet LTTB, and T54 Lightweight.

To promote better sportsmanship, those who rage quit before their tank explodes or refuse to participate in the match will be penalized.  The specific penalties have not be described so you'll have to play to find out.

Finally in the Strongholds game, Legionnaires will be able to participate in Strongholds without joining a clan first among other changes.

You'll also get a batch of graphical enhancements applied to destruction, and the Garage has been redesigned.

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Wargaming Brings New Firepower to Tank Battlefields

Update 9.3 introduces new light tanks, Strongholds features, and system to track unsportsmanlike behavior

September 25, 2014 ?? Wargaming today announced the global release of World of Tanks Update 9.3, introducing a variety of new top tier light tanks, in-game rules to promote fair play, and two new functionalities for Strongholds.

9.3 marks the addition of several light tank lines and brings into the mix the US T37, M41 Walker Bulldog and T49, the German Spahpanzer Ru 251, and the Soviet LTTB and ?-54 Lightweight.

Players will now be able to enjoy updated in-game rules that promote a more friendly gaming experience by introducing penalties that would affect players who are inactive in battle or exit before their tank is destroyed.

The first major update to Strongholds also introduces new functionality for Legionnaires, which gives players the opportunity to participate in Strongholds Skirmishes without joining a clan, and adds a new building, War Department, allowing clan members to easily relay distinctive special instructions to the rest of their clan.

In addition to these new features, the game has received a complete overhaul of destruction and graphical effects, as well as new Garage design.

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About World of Tanks

World of Tanks is the first and only team-based, massively multiplayer online action game dedicated to armored warfare. Throw yourself into the epic tank battles of World War II with other steel cowboys all over the world. Your arsenal includes over 300 armoured vehicles from United States, Germany, the Soviet Union, France, Great Britain, Japan and China, carefully detailed with historical accuracy.

About Wargaming

Wargaming is an award-winning online game developer and publisher and one of the leaders in the free-to-play MMO market. Founded as a privately held company in 1998, Wargaming has shipped more than 15 titles. Currently, Wargaming is focused on its team-based MMO war series dedicated to the mid-20th century warfare that will include the armored World of Tanks, the flight combat World of Warplanes, and the naval World of Warships. The three intertwined titles will form a common gaming universe integrated within the portal

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