Titanfall DLC, IMC Rising, releases today for Xbox One and PC

by: Rob -
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Respawn Entertainment are set to release the IMC Rising pack for Titanfall this afternoon.  This pack sees the introduction of 3 new maps: Backwater, Zone 18, and Sandtrap. 

Backwater is a tiered map with open fields for Titan combat sandwiched between underground grain storage facilities and elevated railways for Pilots to traverse.  Zone 18 features a central path flanked by buildings for cover.  Low rooftops and the central pathway provide long sight lines for snipers and ranged weapons. Sandtrap provides more open space for Titan battles, but also incorporates narrow corridors for wall running not too dissimilar from those found in the terrain above  the Rise map.  The major difference being, instead of safe ground below, a fall from the wall yields instant death as the Pilot drowns in a fuel reservoir.    

This DLC pack follows previous map packs, Expedition and Frontier's Edge, as the 3rd update to the game and is available as a standalone purchase of $9.99 or is included with the other two packs in the Titanfall Season Pass at $24.99.

While the DLC will release today for the Xbox One and PC, there is yet no word from Respawn as to when it will become available for the Xbox 360.