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Check out Hi-Rez Studios latest episode of "Minions Has Spawned" detailing the announcement of SMITE on Xbox One

by: Nathan -
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Hi-Rez studios, makers of SMITE have recently released a new episode of their series "Minions Has Spawned" and this episode is all about their time in Germany for Gamescom.

Watch as Todd, Adam and Bart make their way to Gamescom to announce SMITE on Xbox One. Unfortunately for them, they seem to have forgotten to upload the file to their Powerpoint presentation before they left! Also, the evil representatives from Ouya have broken into Hi Rez studios back here in the states and attempt to steal SMITE for their own console. 

The episode was short, but I was laughing throughout the entire thing. So many shots fired. 

Check out the latest episode below and check back here over the weekend as there are patch notes for SMITE planned for Friday and may include a new god. 

Be sure to also stay tuned in the future as more information on SMITE on Xbox One is released. 

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