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Gorogoa is the most beautiful slide-puzzle you've ever seen

by: Jeff -
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I could have sworn that I've talked about Gorogoa on here before. But according to our tagging system I've been slacking in my endeavors to bring up the most intriguing indie games I can find. Can you ever forgive me, readers?

Gorogoa is not only a brilliant exercise in lateral thinking, it's one of the most beautiful games I've seen all year. At it's core, its a slide-puzzle where you click and drag pictures over each other and try to figure out how they're related. Sometimes it's as simple as placing a picture of a doorway over a boy to allow the boy to walk through the doorway, but more often than not the puzzles have a more obscure relationship. Jason Roberts, the sole developer of the project, has won a slew of awards for it, and once you pick up and play the demo of Gorogoa you'll see why.

After Fantastic Arcade ended earlier this week, the Indie Fund announced that it would be backing Gorogoa as it wrapped up development. Hopefully we'll be seeing it release for PC and Mac in early 2015, with a mobile version coming out shortly after that.

Speaking of fantastic and intriguing indie games, you really should checkout the whole lineup that was at Fantastic Arcade this year. It included the philosophical road trip simulator Glitchhikers, the whimsical self-taught sex-ed replicator How Do You Do It?, the super cool spaceship hijacking Heat Signature, and the hilariously absurd Push Me, Pull You and The 2nd Amendment. Also, one of my favorite indie platformers to hit Steam this year The Floor is Jelly, and the top-down adventure game that has me burning with wantTitan Souls.

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