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See Battleborn in action

by: Nathaniel -
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Gearbox created one of the most beloved shooter franchises of the last console generation with Borderlands, and now they're trying it again this console generation with Battleborn.  They're calling Battleborn a co-op hero shooter.  It's another FPS with a co-op campaign - but this time, it's 5-player co-op - and you can see it in action below.

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2K and Gearbox Software are excited to reveal their ambitious all-new IP, Battleborn, in action for the very first time! In the video you??ll learn what Battleborn is straight from creative director Randy Varnell and lead writer Aaron Linde, and you??ll witness the world premiere demonstration of Battleborn??s cooperative campaign. We encourage you to share this video with your readers and audience.

Battleborn is a hero-shooter that fuses team-based first-person shooting with a deep roster of playable heroes. No two heroes play the same, and each has unique weapons, powers, and personalities that can be fully experienced in cooperative campaign mission, or over the course of a single competitive multiplayer match.

Battleborn??s story is set in a distant sci-fi fantasy future, where all but one star in the universe has gone dark at the hands of the vicious Varlesi. A single solitary beacon of hope remains ?? the last star, Solus. In the wake of the chaos, different species of survivors take refuge in the Solus system and form five factions based on their beliefs. Heroes called battleborn emerge from each faction and fight for what little resources are left in the system. Now, the Varelsi are threatening to finish what they??ve started, and only a united team of the universe??s most powerful heroes can stop them.

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