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Crusader Kings II just sold its 1 millionth copy

by: Randy -
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The numbers are in, and Crusader Kings II has now sold 1 million copies. It took a couple years, but that's a breakthrough for a company like Paradox Interactive, a publishers that caters almost exclusively to hardcore grand strategists.

I was one of those 1 million sales. Unfortunately, since 2012 when the game launched, I still have no idea how to play that game. I gave it a couple good ol' college tries. And it's just never clicked for me, even though I've never wanted to understand a game more than Crusader Kings II

In addition to the 1 million base units, players have also snatched up 7 million bits and pieces of downloadable content and expansion packs. That's nuts. Paradox shared a few more statistics: CK II is played by an average of 12,500 players every day, 100,000 players every month. And the average CK II player has banked 99 hours of game time. That's also nuts.

Yet another expansion, Charlemagne, was announced last month and is still officially "coming soon."

Crusader Kings II:
Over 1 Million Copies Sold
Fan-favorite Dynasty Simulator Continues
to Inspire Players to Conspire

STOCKHOLM ?? September 18, 2014 ?? Paradox Interactive today announced that Crusader Kings II, the grand strategy game of medieval marriage, rule and conquest from Paradox Development Studio, has now sold over one million copies worldwide. Launched in early 2012 to critical acclaim, Crusader Kings II has been purchased for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers a combined total of over 1,000,000 times, and is still providing players with new realms, new conspiracies, and new historical timelines. Paradox continues to support Crusader Kings II with free and paid content, with a new expansion, ??Charlemagne,?? coming soon.

??Whenever we discuss the sort of games we like to make, and the sort of fans we make them for, Crusader Kings II is one of the titles we point to as a shining example,?? said Fredrik Wester, CEO of Paradox Interactive. ??I want to thank every one of those million fans who have picked up Crusader Kings II for proving our point about game design for the truly dedicated. We make games for people who want to dive deep and explore a title with endless possibilities, where each player develops their own in-game story ?? and our players have responded. Every day we read the unique tales from our fans of the lengths to which they??ve gone to preserve their dynasties. Paradox is committed to growing those experiences in Crusader Kings II and in our entire portfolio.??

Paradox Interactive has also shared some data about Crusader Kings II to underline the scope of the game??s success. Not only has the base game itself sold over a million copies, but the catalog of DLC and expansions for Crusader Kings II have sold a combined total of approximately 7 million units. Crusader Kings II is played by an average of 12,500 players every day, and roughly 100,000 players in a month. The average Crusader Kings II player has a playtime of just over 99 hours.

For more information on Crusader Kings II, including the upcoming Charlemagne expansion, please visit
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