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Payday 2 getting new jukebox feature in "The Big Fat Music Update"

by: Nathan -
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Payday 2 is getting a big update tomorrow and it is called "The Big Fat Music Update" which will allow you to decide what music you want to hear when playing the game. The update adds new options in the game. In the options menu you can decide what music you want to hear on the main menu, what songs you want to play during specific heists, or you can just select the randomizer and hear random tracks during each heist. 

In addition, if you own the Payday soundtracks on Steam, including the Christmas soundtrack, those tracks will also be available for you to use in game. 

For more information, check out the special website they have set up with all the information and check out Simon Viklund giving a rundown of the new features in a Youtube tutorial which you can see below.