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Driveclub not a part of the 6 free October games for PS Plus... still free

by: Jeremy -
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Did that title make any sense? I didn’t think so...

The PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection adds 6 games per month for PS Plus members. Driveclub launches next month and has always been promoted as having a special, PS Plus edition that is free for members. Common sense would tell you that means that Driveclub would be one of the the six free games for the month. A lot of people have theorized that this would be the case, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. That though, however, would be wrong!

Sony has clarified the subject in the comment section of one of the posts on the PlayStation Blog. The PS Plus edition of Driveclub is something separate from the monthly additions. So, in fact, members are getting seven titles this month, with Driveclub and the six monthly additions. See, I told you that is paid to be a member of this program!