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FIFA 15 Soundtrack has officially been released

by: Sean Cahill -
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We're one week away from the launch of FIFA 15 across all platforms, which means that there isn't much left to cover in releases.  We've seen the player rankings of the best footballers in the world, have learned about the stadiums, and have played the demo.  All that's left to cover is the soundtrack, it would seem.

Today, EA Sports released the official soundtrack for FIFA 15, and it is holding true to its roots of the last couple of versions that has taken music from all around the world, plugging it into one game.  There are far too many to list, but the entire soundtrack can be viewed at the link above.  It also bears mentioning that a few artists, including AVICII and A-Trak, are actually using FIFA 15 to help launch new songs, showing the power that the popular title has.

FIFA 15 launches in North America on Tuesday, September 23.