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This week in Destiny: Let the raids begin!

by: Jeremy -
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One week down, hopefully a crap-top more to go. Destiny is off and running in full swing. We saw our first special event(s) this past weekend with the Salvage playlist in the Crucible. That has come and gone however and the first Level 26 Raid has been launched and will be available all this week.

The Vault of Glass on Venus went live early this morning and will take you, five of your friends, and all of your best gear to complete. This isn’t open to just everyone however. All of the members of your fireteam must be recognized as level 26 in order to enter (something that I will be discussing later today in an information post about Destiny’s post-level 20 world). If you have what it takes, both figuratively and literally, to enter than you will need to work together in every way in order to succeed.

Bungie knows that there is a good chance that you and your team will not be able to complete the raid in a single sitting, therefore a save feature has been added. As long as you return to the raid with your original fireteam in tact, you will be able to continue your progress at any time in the next week.

Do you have what it takes?