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Gearbox dishes on the characters you'll be playing in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

by: Chuck -
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Gearbox has released a new developer diary for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel which does a deep dive into all of the characters you're going to be playing in the game when it's released on October 14th.

Unlike the previous games this cast of characters is a bit more on the motley side which makes sense as they are working with Handsome Jack.  Gearbox is doing some interesting things with this iteration of the Borderlands franchise as they have added a whip and a shield to the game.  Sure it's their own twist but these kids of things are usually difficult to get right.  I do have a bit of faith in Gearbox in this case as they tend to really do a good job with their own IP's and the previous games where so spot on.  I guess we'll find out next month when the game is available.

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