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This week in Destiny

by: Jeremy -
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Ok, this is going to end up being a regular feature here on the site based on how Bungie’s Destiny is set up. Like the popular MMO’s out there (although Bungie doesn’t want the game called one), there are going to be regularly scheduled events and updates to the game that liven things up. Bungie recently outlined most of what they have planned over the next couple of week’s on their website with an informational graphic, which you can view below.

This week, obviously, is all about the launch of the game. It is out there, readily available both physically and digitally, and that is what is being celebrated. This weekend players will find a special, weekend playlist in the Crucible that focuses on 3v3 objective games. Special rewards will be given out in this playlist including gear, marks, and reputation for your character(s). Bungie also urges players to keep an eye out in the Tower as there will be some special characters roaming around occasionally with offerings as well as special bounties.