Payday 2 getting Hotline Miami themed DLC September 30th

by: Nathan -
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Overkill announced today that new DLC for Payday 2 is coming and to going to be another collaboration. In the past Overkill has released DLC for Payday 2 based on the No Mercy campaign from Left 4 Dead and the GO Bank heist which was a based on the bank map from Counter Strike go, and soon we will get DLC based on Hotline Miami. 

Overkill released a trailer for the DLC which you can check out below. The only thing we know that the DLC will contain is that we will be getting a new heist. Other than that, it seems like we will have to wait to see the rest of the content. If I had to guess, I bet we are getting some new masks and melee weapons. 

Here is a Q&A about the DLC straight from Overkill's official Payday 2 steam page. 

Q: I recognize this theme...
A: This Hotline Miami DLC for PAYDAY 2 is a true collaboration between OVERKILL, creators of PAYDAY and Dennaton Games, creators of Hotline Miami.

Q: Why?
A: Because we at OVERKILL f*cking love Hotline Miami.

Q: Never heard of Hotline Miami.
A: Buy Hotline Miami here and support our friends at Dennaton Games.

Q: When is DLC this released?
A: September 30th!

Q: What does the DLC contain?
A: A heist is confirmed - you'll find out about the rest come end of September.

Q: Got an awesome poster with PAYDAY and Hotline Miami in it?
A: We got a f*cking awesome poster. Check it out here. []