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Hi-Rez is about to release one of the greatest patches in SMITE history

by: Nathan -
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A new patch is coming to SMITE next week and there is an insane amount of content coming with it. Here is a rundown

  • Two gods getting reworks of their kit
  • A brand new god being introduced with a previous gods kit
  • two brand new skins 

The first part of the patch is a new god, Kukulkan. Ao Kuang is getting the Hun Batz treatment. Sun Wukong was in the game a long time ago but his kit was moved to Hun Batz and Sun Wukong was removed until he got a complete rework. The same thing is happening here. Ao Kuang's kit is being moved to Kukulkan and Ao Kuang is being removed from the game until he gets a complete rework. 

Next up is Odin, who is getting his kit changed. His leap and Gungnir's Might ability are going to remain the same but he has a brand new ability called "Raven Shout". Odin summons a flock of Ravens to protect him and his shield will explode after a set time has elapsed. Finally, his cage has changed a bit. Friendlies can now move in and out of the cage freely and any enemy that dies in the cage will give him a permanent stack of physical power. 

Also, Arachne is getting a new kit as well. Arachne now can activate an ability that does additional physical damage and if she hits her opponent with three basic attacks in a row, she will wrap her enemy in a cocoon to stun them. Another new ability she has is to make a spider web wall, enemies that pass through it spawn broodlings and slows. Finally her ultimate ability has changed. Arachne now jumps on the ceiling and can pounce on enemies. 

Bacchus is also getting a new skin called "The King". Long story short, Elvis Bacchus and its amazing! This item will only be a treasure chest item. 

The new free god rotation is Isis, Sobek, Chaac, Xbalanque and Thanatos!

Last, but absolutely not least, is the "Pixel Buster" Freya skin and this could quite possibly be the greatest skin ever released in SMITE history. Playing homage to the 8 bit classic videogames of the past, Pixel Buster Freya has a pixilated sword, shoots out pixelated blasts and even has special FX when she levels up. I will be buying this the instant it's released. 

There is tons of other stuff that will be released in this patch including emotes for tons of the Gods and new voice packs and you can check out the entire list of patch notes on their official Reddit page. 

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