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Back around mid-July, VIS Games released Pineview Drive on Steam, a game in which you return to a house on the titular street that has stood empty for years after visiting a friend named Linda twenty years ago.  There are rumors that no one has been able to stay in the house for longer than thirty days.  Basically you have thirty days to solve the mystery as to what happened to Linda.

Pineview Drive is basically a horror game without the violence.  There are no monsters, no zombies, and nothing will attack you.  The game will create "phantastic impressions in your head" through its sounds and visual effects.  Sounds interesting.  If you're wondering if $19.99 is too much for a thirty day stay in an abandoned house, a demo is now available on Steam that basically contains a more intense version of the first day.  While I haven't checked out the demo myself yet, I do plan to do so and will report back on my thoughts after I have done so.

The official Pineview Drive Demo is now available:

Jump right into the abandoned mansion lying on the dead end of Pineview Drive. This Demo contains a more intense version of the first chilling day of the full version's 30 in-game days - packed with some of the creepiest effects and events that Pineview Drive has to offer.


About Pineview Drive:

An old abandoned cottage lies at the dead end of Pineview Drive. Because no one has been able to stay in the house for an extended period, the residence has stood empty for years. And the ominous legends haunting this seaside lodge are renown.

After visiting with Linda on Pineview Drive 20 years ago, you now return to find out what happened to her since your last visit. Rumors are that nobody has managed to stay in the house longer than 30 days ?? time is running fast, so it??s up to you to solve the mysteries about Linda before it??s too late.  

Pineview Drive is a Horror game! Completely free of violence, the game creates phantastic impressions in your head with special effects and amazing sounds. No monsters, no zombies and no other spooky beings will attack you! The excitement of the game is based on the principle that the life energy of the player depends on his/her behavior in spooky situations. If you get frightened, the game recognizes your reaction ?? every small change in your behavior will be noticed ?? and your energy will diminish. Press Contact:


Pineview Drive - a very special horror game for nerves of steel!



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