Let's get Runing!

by: Jeff -
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I'm currently working on a preview of Runers for you lovely people, but in the meantime here's a one sentence preview of my impressions: It's pretty freakin' great. If you like games that give you more options than you could possibly ever want, Runers will be right up your alley. See? I even gave you a bonus sentence. That's how much I love you, dear reader.

Runers is a procedurally generated dungeon crawler by Lets Get Kraken (who has my vote for best company name of 2014) where you mix and match elemental runes to make over 200 different spells. Descend the dungeon, kill baddies, customize your spell list, die, repeat. It's normally $9.99, but it's 25% off on Steam until September 9th. So if you're especially tantalized by the launch trailer, you should go over there and get it while it's hot. If you still aren't sure, you can try out the demo through their steam page or the Runers website.

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