NetherRealm wants you to tap into your inner artist

by: Jeremy -
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We all know that video games extend far beyond just the time we spend behind the controllers. Dedicated fans have a long history of taking their favorite games into other areas of their life. We always see and hear of work being done in the artistic realms, things such as short stories, original music, and original art based on their favorite characters and franchises. Ed Boon and the crew at NetherRealm Studios are hoping to shine a spotlight on fans of the Mortal Kombat franchise with the launch of the Mortal Kombat Kollective.

The newly launched website is a hub of sorts for original art creations based on the MK universe. It is a giant gallery of fan submitted creations of all sorts, spanning the entire history of the series. You will see a bit of everything throughout the site, from cosplay creations to sketches and paintings (as seen below) and perhaps even a few videos. It is pretty cool to see a developer welcome this sort of thing and endorse it as we hear a little too much about companies shutting fans down now days for “infringing” on their copyrighted material.

Support your fellow gamers and check the site out!

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