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News Roundup: Shooter Simulator Manager

by: Randy -
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Demos, Patches
  • DEFCON: Everybody Patches.  The WarGames-inspired doomsday game launches v1.3.
  • Tribal Trouble is an RTS with vikings visiting tropical islands, and the natives aiming to keep their shores Norse-free.  The updated demo (v1.5) is now available.
  • Dofus.  Horrible title.  Award-winning MMO.  Download it, soak in a week's worth of free gameplay, then see if $6.90/month is reasonable enough to keep this animated adventure title going.  Download the MAC, Linux, or Windows version 1.16.2 ... then immediately snag the 1.16.4 patch.  Heh?
  • The Burning Crusade is nearly upon us, and this v2.0 to v2.0.3 patch gears up for the next round of WoW.
Interviews, Reviews
  • Stargate fans are in for a treat, as a new MMO, Stargate Worlds, is under development.  WarCry snags an exclusive interview with Senior Producer Dan Elggren.
  • Jack Emmert, head of Cryptic Studios (City of Heroes), returns to MMORGP.com to fill in the blanks with some Q&A.
  • And those same online addicts send in their first report from the CES frontlines.
  • Pissed that your duo-core is already outdated?  Ready to snag that spankin' new Intel quad-core?  Well, you can start saving up for Intel's 4x4 V8 system.  Yes, it runs two quad-core processors ... bringing the total cores present in the system to eight.  (*Randy starts singing "America ... f--- yeah!")
  • Atomic Gamer doesn't know what all the other sites' low grades are about.  Here's their review of Cartoon Network Racing.  (And here's the trailer if you need more visual aids.)
Thanks to Atomic Gamer, WarCry, MMORPG.com, Legit Reviews, and Killer Betties for today's News Roundup.