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Google Earth your way around Destiny's Moon, Venus, and Mars

by: Randy -
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ARGs (alternate-reality games) can be fun and all, but they often feel like they obscure just as much as they reveal. Destiny Planet View isn't an ARG. Not really. What it does is, it uses Google Technologies, operating similarly to how Google Earth operates, to let you run around several locations in Destiny's universe.

It doesn't advance along roads as smoothly as Google Earth, but it pans nicely, and there are lots of little signposts along the way that have video snippets, weapons you can fawn over in 360 degrees, Wikipedia links to pertinent subjects ("moon rocks," "International Space Station"), and lots of narration from a confident, slightly impatient-sounding Ghost—not Peter Dinklage.

Destiny Planet View is neat way to absorb a little Destiny lore. Read our preview if you need to get up to speed on all this Destiny hooplah you've been hearing about.

Destiny launches on PlayStation 3 and 4, and Xbox 360 and One in one week, on September 9.

In anticipation of Destiny's upcoming launch on September 9, fans can get a sneak peek of the game's vast in-game worlds with Destiny Planet View.

Destiny Planet View lets fans explore the future of our nearby planets and moons using this planet's most powerful exploration tools.

Created using Google Technologies, Destiny Planet View gives fans an immersive first look at Destiny's in-game locations on Mars, Venus and the Moon. While the experience only reveals a small slice of Destiny's massive worlds, users will be able step through each area and discover useful lore, gameplay tips and even a few hidden real-world and in-game incentives along the way.

Destiny Planet View marks the first time a video game world has been mapped using Google technologies and will allow everyone to prepare themselves to become legend on 09/09/14.

Explore Destiny Planet View at www.DestinyPlanetView.com