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Gage Assault Pack for Payday 2 coming this Thursday

by: Nathan -
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Illegal, untraceable weapons. This is what Gage is all about in Payday 2 and he has some new hardware to bring with you on all those heists.

Overkill has revealed that the Gage Assault Pack for Payday 2 will be available on Steam this Thursday, September 4th for $4.99 and includes a variety of new weapons, mods and melee weapons. My favorite so far is the grenade launcher as it looks like it will be perfect to clear a room before your team gets ganged up on. 

Be sure to check out the website for the Gage Assault Pack also as it is absolutely amazing. I honestly had to look at the page I was on multiple times to be sure I didn't accidentally click on a page for Battlefield Hardline. 

The Gage assault pack includes the following...

  • 4 Weapons
  • 28 Mods
  • 4 Melee Weapons
  • 4 Masks
  • 4 Patterns
  • 4 Materials
  • 10 new achievements 
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