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PAX 2014: Firewatch debut video brings the two-way radio drama

by: Randy -
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A 10-person indie studio that goes by the name of Campo Santo Productions has just debuted a video at PAX 2014 for what's instantly become my most anticipated game of 2015: Firewatch. The studio is new, but they've got folks that've worked on games like The Walking Dead, Tales of Monkey Island, Mark of the Ninja, and BioShock 2. They've even got Olly Moss cranking out artwork, so that's the head-over-heels-in-love feeling you've got when you see these backdrops.

Firewatch is a first-person mystery, heavy on dialog, dramatic on voice acting, and jaw dropping on art. It took this game exactly two minutes to hook me. Well, about 15 seconds, but watch the two-minute video.

Firewatch will be on PC sometime in 2015, though Campo Santo will put it on any other platform that's biting.