Don't "Swat" or you're going to prison

by: Sean Cahill -
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Let's be clear:  "SWATTING" may very well be the dumbest thing that "gamers" have come up with as the form of a prank.  It's stupid.  It's childish.  It wastes valuable time and resources by police.

Now, a judge has made it clear:  If you do this stupid prank, you're going to pay the penalty.

Jason Allen Neff was sentenced to five years in prison after pleading guilty to a series of crimes that stem from a larger group.  This group has been responsible for multiple "swatting" incidents. 

Make your Office Space jokes now, because he isn't going to state prison.  This was a federal case, which means that Mr. Neff is on his way to a federal prison.

The original docket in this case dates back to last July.  The sentencing took time, but it would appear that Neff was hoping for some type of plea deal that never came.

So, if you're considering swatting that guy who is kicking your tail while he's streaming on Twitch or Youtube, you had best prepared to do the time.