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Grand Theft Auto V may be getting an expanded soundtrack for its next gen release

by: Nathan -
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The soundtrack is always one of the best parts of a new GTA game and GTA V did not disappoint. For me, the music, especially the Hip-Hop stations for me, have always done a great job of perfectly setting the tone and the atmosphere for the city you are in. Driving through the city at night while "illuminate" or "West End Girls" plays just makes me feel like I am actually in the city, it allows me to get lost in the game and it is such an amazing experience. Its one of the reasons I love the GTA games and it seems like the soundtrack may be getting bigger. 

IGN posted the news today that one of the hosts Non Stop Pop FM, Cara Delevingne, posted on her Instagram that she was back into the studio recording new material for the new versions of the game coming out this fall. The post was retweeted by the official Rockstar Twitter account. 

GTA V was an incredible game and I cannot wait to head back into San Andreas when the PS4 and XBO versions of the game release this fall. 

Source: IGN