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2K releases the first video in a new series titled "The Making of WWE 2K15"

by: Nathan -
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2K Games has been pretty tight lipped when it comes to information about WWE 2K15, but they did give us an inside look into how the game is coming along with "The Making of WWE 2K15" which was part of IGN's IGN First reveal month. 

The first episode of the series titled "A new generation in wrestling" gives us an look as to the improvements 2K is bringing to the series. Since this is 2K's first true go around with the series, they want to make sure that the first WWE game to be on next gen consoles. Of course part of this was bringing in Visual Concepts, which has done an amazing job on the NBA 2K series, and make sure the game looks and plays as close to a real WWE program as possible.  


Source: IGN

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