Assassin’s Creed Unity slips out of October

by: Jeremy -
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Bad news for Assassin’s Creed fans: Assassin’s Creed Unity is getting a slight delay. The game will be set back 2 weeks in order for the developer to add some more polish to the game. The game will now launch on November 11, 2014. This isn’t a huge delay and it makes sense that Ubisoft would want to make their first, dedicated entry into the series on the Xbox One and PS4 (as well as PC) as good as possible. At the same time, I am sure that they want to ensure that they get the game out this year because this is their big, holiday title for 2014.

As a result, both Unity and Assassin’s Creed Rogue (for the 360 and PS3) will be launching on the same day. Should we declare it a holiday for Assassin’s Creed fans?

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