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Sega brings E3 titles to Pax Prime, fires first shot in swag wars

by: Ben Berry -
More On: Alien: Isolation

Sega promoted the two flavors of Sonic Boom, Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd, and Alien: Isolation at E3, and is featuring those titles prominently at Pax Prime. Fans can play Alien: Isolation in a pod meant to resemble an egg from the Alien movies. With Isolation due out in October and the remaining titles shipping mid-November, this should be finish production gaming that players will experience (or darn close). 

Further, as a bit of a swag connoisseur, I have to say I think Sega is the early favorite for swag of the show with their jacket giveaway for "Surviving the Demo" of Alien: Isolation. Not only do you get to play in an egg pod, but you could walk away with a sweet jacket. I hope to see some pictures of these as the show goes on.