Damian Lillard is the cover athlete for NBA Live 15

by: John -
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While I think Kyrie Irving is the creme of the crop when it comes to young point guards not named Rose or Paul, Damian Lillard is certainly one that's rising fast. He sort of had a coming out party in last year's playoffs with his clutch shooting. This rising star has been honored with being the cover athlete for NBA Live 15.

Damian Lillard is only in his third season in the NBA and he's going to be making a great deal of All-Star games. He came in with a class of some great up and coming players such as Anthony Davis, Andre Drummond, Bradley Beal, and  Dion Waiters. He won Rookie of the Year three years ago.

Now, let's hope EA has gone and made NBA Live 15 a much better game. The series has been such a sub-par basketball game for a long time now as the NBA 2K series has overtaken it to be the franchise to go to when you want a good NBA basketball game.

NBA Live 15 will be out October 7th.

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