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Video explains the (possible) true way to get P.T.'s ending

by: Sam -
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Even though almost everyone already knows that P.T. is a teaser demo for Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro's Silent Hill's it hasn't stopped them from scrutinizing every detail in the game in an attempt to figure out the true path to the game's end. The ending was originally discovered by accident, but through some investigation players managed to find a pattern leading up to the final event, the phone ringing. This video explains those events then digs into the game's most obscure secrets in an attempt to find the true way to reach the ending. Check it out if you have played P.T., but beware spoilers if you haven't. 

P.T. is currently my favorite game on the PS4. Yeah it really is that good. While I doubt that Silent Hills will be able to recreate P.T.'s magic on a grand scale I am happy that it exists, even if it is short and sweet (and scary!). 

Thanks Kotaku