Roguelight is exactly what you expect it to be

by: Jeff -
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Roguelight is a game that takes place in a dark, randomly generated dungeon where you light your way by nocking and shooting flaming arrows. But you probably figured out most of that on your own based on the name. It's a small game made by Daniel Lissen that came out 1st overall in the recent GBJam3. The point of GBJam is to make GameBoy themed games, and the only rules are that the games must be in the original 160 x 144 GameBoy screen resolution, and your pallet is restricted to only 4 colors.

I picked up Roguelight a couple days ago, and I keep coming back to it in twenty-thirty minutes sprees. It's simple gameplay, green and black color scheme, and tinny music perfectly capture the GameBoy aesthetic. You play as a woman descending a dungeon with only her bow and arrow to protect and guide her. Each level is progressively darker and thicker with enemies and traps, and if you aren't careful with your resources, you'll quickly find yourself stumbling in the dark. When you die you spend your coins on upgrading your arrows, health, and abilities, and start all over again.

You can read more and download Roguelight through GameJolt, or name your own price through You should definitely pick it up and play around with it, and I highly recommend pitching in at least a couple bucks for it.

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