On the wild frontier with Wild Frontera

by: Jeff -
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Wild Frontera is a game that's been on my docket to write about for some time now. It's a spaghetti western themed top down shooter that looks like it has elements of an adventure game and a bullet hell. In other words, it's right up my alley.

You play as a gunman on the run from the law in the wild west, fending off attacks from wild animals and outlaws alike. Judging by the wanted posters that announce the bossfights, you might also be a bounty hunter, or on a vengeance-fueled killing spree. It promises to have gratuitous Western tropes, so it's probably one of the two. Best of all, the game will support Co-op play for up to four players, so you and your bandito buddies can blaze through waves of enemies and work together to take down notorious criminals.

It's currently in development, but has already been successfully Greenlit on Steam, and according do the teaser video it's due to come out this fall. Knowing how game development typically goes though, I don't know how accurate that is. You can follow Wild Frontera's progress by reading Tamarian Studio's devblog, or by following them on Twitter and IndieDB.

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