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Pokemon Trading Card game is coming to iPad

by: Sam -
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It appears that The Pokemon Company's extremely popular card game spin-off, Pokemon Trading Card Game, will be making its way to iPad according to reports coming out of The Pokemon World Championship, which is going on this weekend in Washington, D.C. Attendee Josh Wittenkeller tweeted a picture of the game running on an iPad, and The Pokemon Company later confirmed that the picture was for real, but could not provide any sort of release window. The Pokemon Company has been experimenting with iOS releases recently with their Pokedex app, but this would be their first game released on the platform. 

I was a huge fan of the Pokemon TCG when I was younger, and if this version ends up being free-to-play (with a similar structure to something like Hearthstone) I can see myself really spending a lot of time with it. 

Thanks Polygon!